What we can do
for you
& your football

01. Football Trials

We create a safe and secure link between amateur and professional football through our trial programs

02. Football Tournaments

Our goal is to move as many footballers to semi-professional and professional clubs as possible


03. Football Transfers

This company is for you if you want to make a meaningful difference rather than working a 9-5 job and playing amateur football with your mates

04. Study & Play Football

Not available for 2022 – 2023.


Football Trials

European Footballers

Are you struggling to find a new club and add value in your football career? Our negotiation skills and contacts will help you achieve that. We connect footballers with the right clubs for them.

International Footballers

Are you a naturally gifted, talented and hardworking footballer? We connect football cubs with talented footballers. Additionally we help you with your one season sports visa & one season resident permit.

African Footballers

Your talent is wasted in your country? Our football trial connects you with amateur Greek football clubs. Additionally we offer you a guaranteed one season sports visa, resident permit & contract.

02... Football Tournaments

Football Tournament in Greece. Available Dates Season 2022 - 2023:

  • July 20th - July 30th
  • August 20th - August 30th
  • September 20th - September 30th
  • October 20th - October 30th

Full Accommodation

3* hotel, full board


Artificial & natural grass


Airport, games & training


Semi pro & pro clubs

03… Football Transfers

Are you a professional or amateur footballer with a lot of talent and a track record in competitive football?
We may consider your football CV and offer you a representation contract based on it.

Idsoccer is primarily interested in representing professional footballers.
We have our own network of coaches, scouts, and technical directors that we trust and with whom we have worked for many years, but our eyes are constantly open for amateur players who are hidden jewels beneath the dirt.

You must be able to give us with the following information:


Football CV


Video Links at video platforms like Youtube & Vimeo


Video links at Wyscout or Instat


Updates Transfermarkt Link (if available)


References from your team mates, coaches, scouts, technical directors etc.

04… Study & Play Football

Coming at July. Stay tuned…

05… Football Affiliates

When we think about it, we all have a hobby or something that makes us thrilled and driven.
Idsoccer Affiliate Program is designed for you, whether you are just starting, have some experience, or are a highly successful football player.
It is a total game changer.

You can earn up to 40% of Idsoccer’ profit by referring as many customers as possible through the Idsoccer Affiliate program.


No experience necessary


No technical knowledge necessary


UP To 40% Commission


Lifetime Cookie


Recurring Commissions