Football Tournament in Greece. Available Dates 2021:

  • July 20th – July 30th
  • August 20th – August 30th
  • September 20th – September 30th
  • October 20th – October 30th

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What’s the Purpose of the Football Tournament

Every last 10 days of each month, from July to October 2021, we will host 4 football clubs / academies in a football tournament in Rhodes island, Greece. Apart of them our company will have a team of individual local & international footballers with which you will play against.

Each club / academy will play 4 hourly friendly matches. One against the other clubs / academies and one against Idsoccer team.

Local and domestic scouts, technical directors & coaches will be invited in our football tournament to watch you in training and friendly matches.

The aim of the football tournament is to transfer as many footballers as we can, direct to semi professional and professional clubs but also to give you, the footballer, international experience in a multi culture environment.

This football tournament will not lead to additional trials to the interested clubs. When a scout, technical director or coach pick you up that means you will have a direct private agreement with a semi professional club or a professional contract with a professional club, depending on your playing level.

Clubs / Academies per Month


Is This Football Tournament For You?

Football Level

Bring your best footballers in the tournament. Even if it is a gain-experience football tournament its is also high competitive. We are interested to have, at least, semi professional footballers, great prospects who will add value to their future club.

Curriculum Vitae

A player’s CV is where everything starts. If you are interested in transfer footballers to Greek clubs Do NOT bring footballers without a fully completed CV which contains at least: full name, nationality, date of birth, height, weight, foot, primary position, secondary position, last club/academy, playing history.


Your nationality, is irrelevant with the tournament. No matter your nationality we can accept you ONLY if you are a valid passport holder which will allow you to travel in Greece. If you are a club / academy outside European Union and your footballers need a visa to enter Greece then we advise you to visit the visa section prior any action.


Footballers born 1999 – 2005 and football clubs which are members of their FIFA affiliated national association, are welcome to participate in the Idsoccer Tournament. In countries where football is operated by the schools we also allow teams affiliated by their school football association.

Travel to Greece

We accept only valid passport holders even if the footballers are European citizens. There is an exception only to Greek footballers who can also register with their national ID card.

For citizens outside European Union who need a visa to enter Greece visit the visa section before registering.


Each player will receive a medal, and the winning team(s) the specially designed Idsoccer trophy.

The ultimate prize is to get a transfer to a Greek football club by signing a professional contract.

What About the Costs of the Football Tournament?

We tried to keep the cost of the tournament as low as possible. While a football trial of an individual player can cost a lot we have already prepaid deals with hotels, training pitches, travel agencies and restaurants months before your arrival, in order to keep the costs low.

We tried to keep a balance in our prices and considering that football players outside European Union will spend more, comparing to Greeks and EU footballers, we are offering two football tournament packages. One for EU and one for non-EU clubs / academies.

European Union club / academy

(15 footballers + 1 coach + 1 assistant coach + 1 official)

(10 nights, full board, laundry, free wifi, transportation)

International club / academy

(15 footballers + 1 coach + 1 assistant coach + 1 official)

(10 nights, full board, laundry, free wifi, transportation)

What’s (not) Included In The Package?

We have tried to include as many services as we could in our packages. Here is the list of all services included or NOT included in the price:
Hotel Accommodation
We offer Full Board Accommodation in a single, double or triple room for all persons, with 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Additionally we offer services such as laundry, free wifi, refreshments, water, juices etc.
Extra nights
If a team need to arrive or depart outside the football tournament dates (20th-30th each month) a maximum four extra nights can be arranged to a cost of €45 per person and extra night. Meals are served during the extra accommodation days.
Transfer between Diagoras airport (RHO) or ferry terminal in Rhodes, Greece is included in the accommodation cost. Note that there is only one return transfer per team/group included. The transfer is exclusively for teams, and NOT for individual footballers & accompanying families & friends.

The cost of your flight tickets is NOT included in the football tournament fee.

The Club / academy manager in charge is obligated to ensure that all participants are insured on the pitch. Each participant is responsible for his/her personal insurance off the pitch. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Greece must have personal medical insurance. Idsoccer Limited has NO collective insurance to cover injuries, illness, theft or damages.
Force majeure
Idsoccer Limited is NOT responsible for compensation and they are also not responsible for financial losses or damages that may occur due to events outside the control of Idsoccer Limited, such as war-like events, fire, flood, interruptions in public transport connections, government actions, strike or other similar circumstances.
Cancelation of the tournament
If you need to cancel your registration, email and note your registration number. The registration fee is non refundable.

The football tournament cost is ONLY refundable if the cancellation is made at the latest 10 days after the registration.

You can pay the tournament fee in total or in two installments:

1. Registration Fee: 6000 euro (non refundable)

2a. Balance for EU club/academy: 9300 euro

2b. Balance for non-EU club/academy: 6600 euro

Euro Account

Account holder: Idsoccer Limited

Idsoccer Company number: 12697241

Registered office address: 63-66 Hatton Gardens, Fifth Floor, Suite 23, Holborn, London, England, EC1N 8LE

IBAN: BE92967114300823

BANK NAME: TransferWise Europe SA


Bank Address: Avenue Marnix 13-17, Brussels, 1000, Belgium

This is our business account. We will issue you a receipt / invoice for your payment. If you need a pre invoice note it before submission.

If you want to pay in British Pounds, US Dollars or Canadian Dollars send us an email at

Clubs We Are Working / Worked With

Pirsos Grevenon Logo
Pirsos Grevenon FC

Trials & Transfers | 2015

Greece | 4th Tier | Amateur

Pae Acharnaikos Logo
Pae Acharnaikos FC

Trials & Transfer | 2016

Greece | 2nd Tier | Professional

Apollon Pontou Logo
Apollon Pontou FC

Trials & Transfer | 2016 & 2017

Greece | 2nd Tier | Professional

As Rodos Logo
AS Rodos FC

Trials & Transfer | 2018 & 2019 & 2020

Greece | 4th & 3rd & 2nd Tier | Amateur & Professional

Ao Xanion Logo
AO Hanion FC

Trials & Transfer | 2016

Greece | 2nd Tier | Professional

Aera Afantou Logo
Aera Afantou FC

Trials & Transfer | 2019

Greece | 4th Tier | Amateur

Pas Lamia 1964 Logo
PAS Lamia 1964

Trials & Transfers | 2015

Greece | 2nd Tier | Professional

Pae Platanias Official Football Club Logo
PAE Platanias FC

Trials & Transfer | 2016

Greece | 2nd Tier | Professional

Enosi Apostolou Pavlou Logo
Enosi Apostolou Pavlou FC

Trials & Transfer | 2016 & 2017

Greece | 3rd Tier | Amateur

As Makedonikos Logo
AS Makedonikos FC

Trials & Transfer | 2016 & 2017

Greece | 3rd Tier | Amateur

Alloa Athletic Fc Logo
Alloa Athletic FC

Trials | 2018

Scotland | 2nd Tier | Professional

Ae Pontion Vatolakou Logo
AE Pontion Vatolakou FC

Trials | 2018

Greece | 3rd Tier | Amateur

Niki Volou Logo
Niki Volou FC

Trials & Transfer | 2016

Greece | 3rd Tier | Amateur

Gas Ialysos 1948 Logo
GAS Ialysos 1948 FC

Trials & Transfer | 2018 - 2021

Greece | 3rd & 4th Tier | Pro & Amateur

Cd Trofense Logo
CD Trofense FC

Trials & Transfer | 2019

Portugal | 3rd Tier | Semi Professional

Fas Naousa Logo
FAS Naousa FC

Trials | 2017

Greece | 3rd Tier | Amateur

Ae Panaigialios Logo
AE Panaigialios FC

Trials & Transfer | 2018 & 2019

Greece | 2nd Tier | Professional

Ae Karitsas Fc Logo
AE Karitsas FC

Trials & Transfer | 2019

Greece | 3rd Tier | Amateur