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Idsoccer Affiliate Platform Designed For Sport People Of All Levels
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We thrive as a community that truly pays it forward.

Idsoccer dispels the notion that we are all competitors; instead, we can all support one another and do it in a way that leads to far greater mutual success.

If you require assistance with anything, you will receive it almost immediately.

Idsoccer Affiliate Area

How It Works

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When we think about it, we all have a hobby or something that makes us thrilled and driven.

Idsoccer Affiliate Program is designed for you, whether you are just starting started, have some experience, or are a highly successful football player.

It is a total game changer.

Through the Idsoccer Affiliate program, you can refer as many customers as possible and earn up to 40% of the Idsoccer’ profit.


No experience necessary


No technical knowledge necessary


Lifetime Cookie


UP To 40% Commission


Recurring Commissions

What do you earn?


20% Affiliate Commission

You can refer as many customers as you like and receive 20% of Idsoccer’s profit, therefore making you a 20/80 partner with Idsoccer.

30% Affiliate Commission

To become a Gold Member, you must refer more than 50 consumers. Earn 30% of Idsoccer’s profit and effectively become a 30/70 partner with the company.

40% Affiliate Commission

To become a Platinum Member, you must refer more than 100 consumers. Earn 40% of Idsoccer’s profit and effectively become a 40/60 partner with the company.

Affiliate Network

You can create an unlimited number of affiliates in your network and earn a commission every time one of them earns a commission.

Reccurring Commission

You can earn a recurring commission every time Idsoccer has recurring earnings from your clients e.g. through a 5 years professional contract

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I earn commission through guest blogging?

Please accept my heartfelt greetings!
Do you want to become an affiliate and create a guest blog post for our website, such as “5 ways Idsoccer can help your career”?
It is no problem.

With a URL like, we can turn your content into an affiliate landing page.

Then, as our affiliate, we will assign this post to you, and you will get paid.

We are working together the last couple of years. What you can do for me?

Have you been working with us successfully for the past one to two years?

You may be a brand ambassador for us.
We are willing to create a special page on our website only for you.

This webpage’s link will be something along the lines of
You can also become an affiliate by promoting this link.

Can I be an exclusive affiliate for your Product(s)/Service(s)?

We may choose to make a person/company an exclusive affiliate for our product(s)/service (s).

We will make a new page called “My Great Service” (replace with the name of the actual fantastic service) and give it to the exclusive affiliate (you).

The URL can now be promoted by the affiliate.

Can I be an exclusive affiliate in my country?

An affiliate may have an exclusive affiliate deal with us in a country, such as South Africa.

Let us imagine this individual wants to promote our football trials in his country, South Africa, or introduce us to a professional player (with whom we sign a representation contract).

Is there anything we can do to assist him?
We may create a special landing page for South Africans on our website, and he or she can advertise our trials by sharing an exclusive link like this:

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