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Football had slowly developed from a hobby to a fully fledged industry in recent decades, thanks to real and enthusiastic football fans.

As a result, IDSoccer Football Agency was conceived in our minds many years ago but only came to reality in the previous seven years.

First and foremost, we have been debating the unprofessionalism and greediness of football agents since 2012.

We were quite concerned about the football players who were unable to join a club and have a successful professional career as a result of shady agents.

Furthermore, as former players, it often upsets us to see talented players without a club or in the hands of greedy Football Agents.

As a result, the concept for a trustworthy Football Trials Agency arose.
Since then, many ideas have evolved, the initial draughts have become a reality in just two days, and our hobby has almost become a full-time career.

Football is a time-consuming sport that needs dedication, hard practice, and discipline.

As a result, it took us another two years to get to the point where we could call it a part-time job, then another year after that to go full-time.

The rest is history…

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