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As genuine and passionate football lovers, football had steadily grown from hobby to a fully fledged business in recent times. Therefore IDSoccer Football Agency was draughted in our mind long time ago but came in life just the last 3 years.

First of all, since 2012, we were discussing the unprofessionalism and greediness of Football Agents. We were really concerned about the football players who struggled to find a club and have a decent career in professional football due to bad agents. Furthermore, being former players ourselves, sometimes, it really hurts us seeing talented players without a club or in the greedy hands of Football Agents.

As a result… the idea to establish a honest Football Trials Agency was born. A lot of ideas came up to the table since then, the first draughts were a reality in the first two days and gradually our hobby almost turned into a full-time job. Football takes time, needs hard work and discipline. Hence, it took us another 2 years to get things to a point where we could say it was a part time job and also another year after that before we went full time.

The rest is history…


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